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General Relativity Bundle

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Are you interested in learning general relativity through a simple, beginner-friendly approach?

Would you prefer ad-free, downloadable PDF versions of my most popular guides to various topics in general relativity that thousands of people have read, learnt from and enjoyed?

Well, here you have them!

My General Relativity Bundle gives you access to a bunch of my most comprehensive article guides to general relativity in a convenient, downloadable format.

Together, the articles included in this bundle cover the key concepts behind general relativity as well as many of its applications using intuitive, easy-to-understand language, illustrative images and diagrams and of course, practical examples.


You'll get access to the following articles in downloadable and printable PDF format:

  • General Relativity For Dummies: An Intuitive Introduction (77 pages)
  • Christoffel Symbols: A Complete Guide With Examples (58 pages)
  • The Ricci Tensor: A Complete Guide With Examples (24 pages)
  • Black Hole Orbits: A Detailed Physics Guide (43 pages)
  • The Friedmann Equations Explained: A Complete Guide (50 pages)
  • Einstein Field Equations: A Step-By-Step Derivation (27 pages)
  • Why Time Slows Down Near a Black Hole: The Physics Explained (20 pages)
  • Can Light Orbit a Black Hole? The Physics Explained (21 pages)
  • How To Learn General Relativity: A Step-By-Step Guide (17 pages)

In total, that's 337 pages worth of content - the equivalent of an entire book (and that's not even counting all the images and diagrams included)!


Q: Do the PDF versions of the articles have all the same content as the internet versions of the articles?

A: Yes, apart from very minor changes in wording or formatting.

These PDF articles are simply for those who want convenience - being able to download the articles on your own computer for future offline reading or printing them out and adding your own notes to them - it's your choice.

Q: Will there be more articles added in the future? If so, will they be included in this bundle as well?

A: Yes! New articles are already being planned and in the works.

And yes, each new article related to general relativity will be included as part of this bundle. This means that if you've purchased this bundle, you'll receive access to all the future articles that are made available as PDF's, at no additional costs.

In case you have any questions, feel free to contact me at

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General Relativity Bundle

14 ratings
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